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    About Us

    Salutations! I am Armina from Armina Allure. I have been a part of the entertainment industry as an actress since 2007. As the years went on something peaked my interest - when I looked at a person's face, it was a canvas ready for creativity and a splash of color. In 2012 I decided to study cosmetology to become a professional makeup artist. I have learned that the human eye is beautiful in various forms, and after graduating I have created a vision of making eyes bolder and more alluring. That is why I decided to make my own line of eyelash extensions and other necessary beauty supplies. The eyelashes I have produced over the years look natural to the eye, are soft to touch and beautiful.In addition to finding my products on my website, you can also book an appointment for a full makeup or eyelash extension session. You can also take classes to learn all my secrets and techniques for makeup application and eyelash extensions. I would love for you to be a regular client to my growing business. Thank you!